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We are a photography couple that have taken a much different approcah to wedding photography.

We provide flat rate, unedited images (up to 50 edited) and document your wedding day with a style like no other. We've been in the wedding industry 20 years with film and now simple wedding photography. No hidden charges, no over priced rates. Just good photography at a FAIR price.

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Virginia and North Carolina

Weddings since 1999: 459
Avg Cost: $500-$1,500
Image per wedding: 500-1,500
Image Style: StraightForward
Service Area: 40 Mile Radius from Roanoke

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  • Costs

    Flat Rate Approach

    Unlike many wedding photographers, we keep things simple. Sure, you can go with someone that will provide you some amazing wedding photos at prices far greater than us, but we have one mission. Offer good photography at a FAIR, Affordable price. We're not looking to get rich and we will not bombard you with small fees or hidden prices.

  • Simple Photography

    No Frills Just good Images

    Our team provides good quality images throughout your day, with copyright realse included. From the setup to the walking exit, you will get 500-1,500+ HD images throughout the wedding day, with 50 edited. Sure, you might get some that are better than others, but we want to document the day, not give you a handful of edited images.

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  • Our Staff

    Good Photos at Real Prices

    Each one of our staff members work part-time, thus helping to keep the costs down. Each has their own style own since of work, but all have a background in images or video. They all have their own camera gear and they have worked in the wedding industry previous and they all know how to work weddings and receptions.

  • You Choose

    You do have Options

    You select your wedding photographer based on the available date, you choose either the wedding cermony, the recpetion or both and any additional time you want covered. You can also choose one or two photographers. Thats it. At the end you get a memory stick with your images on them, 50 edited, the rest unedited. You can also work with each photographer should you want to edit the images for an additional fee outside the contract.

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Samples of Our Work

Friday, December 1, 2017

Roanoke Wedding Images

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Roanoke Wedding Photography Samples

Check out a few samples of our work here on the website. We use Panasonic Pro series camera systems along with German Leica lens. While we focus mainly on weddings, we do offer other services for business media and personal shoots too.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Downtown Roanoke Wedding

Weddings In Roanoke Photography

Wedding In Roanoke

Weddings in Roanoke

Services and Rates

What we provide

Pre Ceremony

We cover the the pre-wedding cermeony, images of the contrsution of your day, flowers, venue, vendors, getting ready, etc.


From walking into the venue to walking out, we cover everything during the ceremony. We walk around and gather multiple angles and views.


Walking in, your first dance, cake cutting, first dances and lots of guests. We get lots of images from your reception/party.

It's Included

All pre ceremony images are included in the cermeony pricing. Typically, photographers will start an hour before the ceremony begins.

One Low Price

For a small investment of $500 USD, you get your pre-wedding ceremony and ceremony included, up to 500+ images for the event, thumb drive included.

Simple Add-On's

For an additional $500, you get your reception covered for 5 hours, $100 hr after that. Want a 2nd photographer for the day, add $500.

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